Pitfalls of common policy

Positive thinking is how you think about a problem. Enthusiasm is how you feel about a problem. And the two together determine what you do about a problem.

Norman Vincent Peale

Do 2 c is a quick evidence system. It is the heart of Clear2sea System Solutions service. Connecting the dots in your business is quite useful for growth and restructure. Do2c affirms the facts behind the choices that you have made. You can master life’s toughest challenges without skipping a heart beat when the curveball arrives.

Like an enormous map, the outline of a project lay sharp and clear on a bright December summer day. From the window kids were playing cricket, up the hallway smells of delicious cooking were wafting in, on the wall hung awards of merit and family photo’s of good times.

The man behind the desk was clearly worried and the concerned look on his face underscored his thoughts. “Sometimes I wish I could just walk away from my responsibility for the people in this place,” he said. “Being the one to have all the answers can be a headache, believe me. Disagreements over something silly, stall great projects. To have the future destiny of people in my hands is something I do not enjoy at all.”

“But their destiny is not really in your hands,” I countered. “In the final analysis every turning point is in their hands. But I understand your problem, for you do indeed have to make decisions concerning people that affect the future of their family and them.”

“And, that’s why you’re here,” he replied, “its about my most trusted employee who manages our processes. This is one of the most painful decisions I have ever had to make about a team, and I need your help.” I assured him that my help was available but it was not clear to me, given I knew nothing of the business problems involved.

“But you see, its not entirely a business problem; primarily its a workflow problem. As a matter of fact, I have to start a new project in 3 months. However last time, the cost overrun was blamed on the most reliable piece of the business. How effective the guys can be gives me great concern. You see, he continued, ” there will be opening in the business within the year, and they are the logical choice. I’ve wrestled with my conscience, and in all fairness to the company, I cannot recommend them again. So I’m hoping your business concept might shed some light and, incidentally, I realize this is a huge task in a short time.”

“What needs to be done?” I asked. “Were they just let down by a machine. I can’t imagine anything wrong with a reliable machine, except perhaps that at times it is being misused or used at the wrong time.”

“That’s just it,” he exclaimed. “It is serviced, in survey and ticks all boxes. The team is well trained but perhaps lack drive and vitality.” he continued “If we could high-level map the process and line-up the standard operating procedure for that machine, they’d be the team for the job without more training.” The current procedure is over 100 pages.

“In 3 months time?” I asked. “3 months yes indeed, can you do it in 1?” he replied.

I was lost in thought, for this was a real problem. “Yes,” I replied.

Just then it occurred to me that one of the greatest human needs of our time is a weapon to fight voluminous work manuals and rules.

Common policy is created by common minds to create common procedures and common methods. However years of experience have taught an important concept. Which is common minds are remarkably uncommon.

Do 2 c is a method to place the impacts created by common minds and common systems. Do 2 c is an aid to forecast stop-points and consider alternatives. Because everyone has critical thinking skills. Its just that sometimes a deviation from an otherwise common mind can make a task become very expensive.

As regards to our 3 into 1 month problem, read the case study here for the outcome.

But now I want to talk about business, team enthusiasm and observation significance to you. Over many years of people observation in the workplace. The best workers are motivated by enthusiasm. Which is supported by informed easy to understand steps.

Back in the day, Sir Edward V. Appleton, the Scottish physicist whose scientific discoveries made possible worldwide broadcasting and won him a Nobel prize, was asked for the secret of his achievements. “It was enthusiasm.”

Enthusiasm and fire are related in a way. Fire must be under control, which is the only type of fire that counts. A informed enthusiast can keep cool, and follow process including the remedy when things go wrong.

So the process must be seen. This informs the reader when they need it. Because stop-points, deviations, twists and turns have many reasons. All are supportable reasons. A great business report will take into account different geography, environment and scientific data. Also costs are tidied by linking the report to a accounting forecast.

However without a map to connect the process to the standard operating procedure. The standard operating procedure is akin to a uncontrollable fire. Like any powerful force, uncontrolled enthusiasm to meet a reason can destroy, just as controlled enthusiasm can create.

Clear2sea System Solutions works closely with you and your team to provide the answers you need at a cost you can afford. Connect the dot now.

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