Case Snippets

When you are left with a better measure and insight, than before, then the job is done.

Here are some questions that we helped resolve with business blueprint, business analysis or change analysis:

A reportable tangle!

Our ICT is consolidated but expensive. We need to make savings!

We have mixed ICT throughout the business making out internal audits long. Can it ever make sense?

The vision was to bring services to the cutting edge, based on lessons learnt in readiness for the next expansion. Initiatives were failing, despite substantial marketing being supported by volume. Why?

The vision was to enable an increase in available working capital to fund acquisitions and expansion into new markets. Financial and IT/IS reviews suggested substantial well hidden frauds. Can this be true?

As management realised the current business processes, failed to provide the best launch platform for the future. Decision was reached to revert to a historical version. Could this be done?

Everyone is individual. When tangles happen, our blueprints will help you to sort it out!

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